Puncture Technique using E-Cath


  • Introduction of the SonoPlex cannula with the indwelling cannula and injection of an appropriate solution
  • SonoPlex cannula and indwelling cannula are connected with the FixClip – the cannula can be held at the shaft without being pushed back.
  • Localisation of the cannula via ultrasound optionally combined with nerve stimulation.
  • The indwelling cannula is coupled by a 90° twist, the SonoPlex cannula is retracted
  • Indwelling cannula is subsequently used as an access system for the E-Catheter.


SonoPlex cannula with facet grinding in indwelling cannula

Cornerstone Reflectors
SelfPriming System
Outstanding visibility

Two embossed sections of 10 mm length at the distal end of the SonoPlex cannula
->Ultrasonic waves are reflected over a total length of 20 mm.

The SonoPlex cannula has a lateral opening. The injected solution is not only flowing through the central opening, but also laterally between the cannula outer wall and indwelling cannula.
= SelfPriming System is patented.

Because of the liquid layer, the Cornerstone Reflectors can fully exploit their echogenic properties.