Continuous blocks with the E-Catheter

  • Outstanding ultrasound visibility
  • Increase of safety during position control


E-Catheter in indwelling cannula

E-Cath Plus

Distal opening and additional fluid flow at the indwelling cannula

When injecting the anaesthetic it also flows between the outer wall of the catheter and the inner wall of the indwelling cannula.
-> SelfPriming system – resulting of this, the E-Catheter has outstanding echogenic characteristics

SelfPriming System
Outstanding visibility Continuity of the nerve block

The SonoPlex cannula has not only a central, but also a lateral opening. Injected solution can also flow through laterally between the cannula outer wall and indwelling cannula.

Liquid layer between the catheter and indwelling cannula
-> The E-Catheter develops enhanced echogenic characteristics
-> The catheter position is easier to identify – also for positional check.

Fluid flow of the anaesthetic is also ensured when the central opening of the catheter is blocked with tissue.