Positioning of the E-Catheter


  • In the second step, the E-Catheter is introduced in the indwelling cannula
  • Fixation of the placed E-Catheter supported by a Luer-Lock connection
  • Can be performed by the anaesthetist alone



  • Diameter of the cannula/insertion point is smaller then the one of the indwelling cannula
  • The needle puncture hole is sealed by the Catheter over Needle Technique
  • This contributes to the minimization of the risk of leaks and dislocation


E-Catheter in indwelling cannula

Integrated injection tube with Luer Lock Connection

Direct injection of the anaesthetic
-> Set-up of the SelfPriming system
-> Connection of a clamping adapter is not necessary.

Safe flow

Stable design of the E-Catheter is enhanced by the indwelling cannula
-> The catheter has a high degree of flexibility during infusion.
-> The unhindered flow of anaesthetic is ensured.

Soft tip

-> This means an increase in comfort and safety for the user and patient.

Alternative version E-Cath Plus: E-Catheter with stainless-steel stylet in indwelling cannula

E-Catheter with stainless-steel stylet protrudes 15 mm from indwelling cannula